Erasmus MC joins Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Alliance

08-01-2019 – Press Release

The Erasmus Medical Centre joins the Rotterdam Make It Happen brand alliance with effect from the 8th of January 2019. Mayor Aboutaleb and Ernst Kuipers signed the formal agreement on behalf of the brand alliance and Erasmus MC respectively at the New Year get-together for Rotterdam Partners, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Festivals. This move by the Erasmus MC means that yet another vibrant Rotterdam brand will be associated with the concept of Rotterdam Make It Happen.

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Ten new partners for Rotterdam Make It Happen

23-10-2017 – News

Today marks the start of a new collaboration of famous brands from Rotterdam. For three years the Port of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners and the Municipality of Rotterdam have been collaborating at increasing the (international) appeal and strength of Rotterdam. This ‘brand alliance’ now welcomes ten new partners who will help spread the Make It Happen mentality nationally and internationally.

New partners

The Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Alliance is delighted to welcome the following ten brand partners into the Make It Happen family:
Cruise Port Rotterdam
Blijdorp Zoo
Feyenoord Rotterdam
RDM Rotterdam
Rotterdam Ahoy
Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Rotterdam Port Promotion Council
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Rotterdam Make It Happen: Rotterdam mentality unites city, port and university

14-12-2014 – Press release

The Municipality of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners have joined forces in order to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the national and international map. The joint efforts through the payoff ‘Make it happen’ reflects the typical Rotterdam mentality and showcases what the city, its port and its inhabitants are all about: pioneering, pushing boundaries and a general no-nonsense vibe. This unique collaboration aims to attract and retain highly educated people, companies, trade, visitors and inhabitants.

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