Cycling for progress

Rotterdam is the ultimate city for cyclists, for commuters, tourists and top athletes. So of course it needs its own cycling team: Delta Cycling Rotterdam. Beside developing young cycling talent, Delta Cycling helps businesses in Rotterdam to grow. And the bike always plays the leading role.

Prelude to the professionals

Delta Cycling believes that the bike is a means for progress. Based on that philosophy, the organisation sets up a wide range of activities and projects. One of its showpieces is the cycling team full of young talent that is about to break through to the professionals. However, Delta Cycling supports all cyclists in Rotterdam. ‘Every day, we encourage cycling as a wonderful way to improve society, for personal growth and social impact.’

‘Cut the bull and cycle!’

The business community on a bike

These ideas are also reflected in Delta Cycling as a creative agency that helps businesses in Rotterdam to develop further. ‘Together, we’ll do everything to make Rotterdam more exciting, healthier and fitter. With rolled-up sleeves and the motto to cut the bull and cycle!’

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