The Port of Rotterdam is a household name, both within the city and beyond. It is a driving force for the Rotterdam-based and national economy; a hotspot with massive activity on and around the water. The RPPC brings the corporate life in the port and its potential customers together to reinforce both the Rotterdam port region and its businesses, and to put them more prominently on the international map.


The RPPC functions as both sales promoter and supporter of the Rotterdam port region, acting as a hub in the web of commercial activities that take place around the Port of Rotterdam. For example, the RPPC organises promotional trips, and welcomes international delegations to the Rotterdam port region. This allows the associated members to benefit from valuable and knowledgeable contacts, something which can be intensified by lectures and network get-togethers. In addition, the RPPC supports its members through communication, its visible presence in the port region and participation in trade fairs, as well as by keeping them informed about topical developments and sector-related events. And always with a personal touch. Although developments within the port can happen at tremendous speed, people are, and remain, the primary focus.


The RPPC knows that the success of the Port of Rotterdam depends upon the power of collaboration. This means working together on the logistic proposition of the port region and increasing the strength and success of the city, its port and businesses.

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