Move Over I’m Next

This selection comprises five special images showing Rotterdam from different perspectives. The images were made for Move Over I’m Next Video project. Het Rotterdams Beeldfonds and OPEN Rotterdampowered by Rotterdam Make it Happen, have been looking over the past period for five professional directors, actors or film makers who are capable of capturing the city in a way that reflects ambition and grandeur. The five visualizers were selected on the basis of a structured project proposal presented by a team of curators comprising Hesdy Lonwijk (director), Elfie Tromp (columnist, author) and Astrid Jonker (Port of Rotterdam), headed by Celeste Boddaert (editor-in-chief of OPEN Rotterdam).

Move Over, I’m Next is the theme of the fourth commission of Rotterdams Beeldfonds, this time including the switch to moving images. The makers were allowed time up to January 2020 to produce their one-minutes. The films saw their premiere on the 14th of January 2020 during the Rotterdams Open Doek event in LantarenVenster. We present the five one-minutes in this showcase.

The images may be used for two years (up to 14/01/2022) on the conditions of Rotterdam Branding Toolkit. If you have questions about a specific kind of use that is not covered by these conditions, please contact the photographer using the contact option provided with the image in question.


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