Move Over, I’m Next

This selection includes sixty special images showing a different face of Rotterdam. The photos were created for the Move Over, I’m Next x Rotterdam Make It Happen project. This project is part of the long-term collaboration between Rotterdam Make It Happen and the Rotterdams Beeldfonds, whereby five photographers have explored the whole of Rotterdam to produce these unique images.

About the Rotterdams Beeldfonds

The Rotterdams Beeldfonds strives to produce and maintain an image of the entire city. They achieve this goal in two ways; on the one hand by collecting existing photographs and on the other hand by entrusting professional photographers with new commissions.

Four curators (Nicole Robbers, Dirk Jan Visser, Harriet Duurvoort and Abigail Norville) selected five photographers for Rotterdam Make it Happen on the basis of their submitted project proposals. Photographers Luis Xertu, Frank Hanswijk, Joost van der Vleuten, Annabel Oosteweeghel and Shehera Grot were all given six months to come up with an image of the city that they felt was lacking. These five photographers are highly valued professionals, each with their own distinctive signature, who frequently publish and exhibit both at home and abroad. The Rotterdams Beeldfonds is proud of the selection made by the curators and of the work of these photographers, and hope to recognise multiple images in the city.

The images are available for use for two years (until 9 May 2021) under the prevailing conditions of the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit. If you have any questions about a specific use not covered by the conditions, please contact the photographer in question using the contact option provided with the image.

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