Portrait of twins

By Shehera Grot

Shehera Grot for Move Over, I’m Next For Move Over, I’m Next I am researching the identity of a group of Rotterdam residents who, just like myself, are growing up between two cultures. Who are they? What is important to them? Which traditional customs are they clinging to? Can the two cultures really merge completely? And what happens when these two cultures clash? Using ten intimate portraits, I liaise closely with a group of Rotterdam residents who are claiming their place in the city's documentation.

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Shehera Grot

Shehera Grot

Shehera Grot Biography: Although my parents are from Surinam, I was born and raised in Rotterdam. 'I often find myself in the position of an outsider, uprooted and lost in the cultures of both Surinam and The Netherlands, and my journey to Surinam and Africa only emphasised this feeling of homelessness once more'.

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