‘Terrain Vague’ at Rotterdam

By Frank Hanswijk

Frank Hanswijk for Move Over I’m Next: 'Terrain vague' is a series of landscape images of the undefined, temporary zones in the city. It is a plea to cherish them; being situated within an environment that is fully mapped-out, calculated through and through as well as programmed means that these vague areas become particularly important, providing room for contemplation and the freedom to act autonomously within the well-structured grid.

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Frank Hanswijk

Frank Hanswijk

Artist Statement I produce urban landscapes and portraits. My work focuses on the togetherness of people and space. My images, at times intimate and sometimes more aloof, evoke feelings of both amazement and familiarity. Biography: Frank Hanswijk (Rotterdam, 1971) has undergone a broad development, working in journalism, advertising, theatre and architecture. Since 2004 his work has increasingly concentrated on architecture and landscapes. His dual interest in portrait and architectural photography is typical, and often results in an approach that resembles the production of reportage. He approaches architecture not as an object, but rather as a setting in which people, whether or not they are pictured in the photograph, play a crucial role.

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