In late 2020, Albeda – a regional educational institution for intermediate vocational education and training – opened a new education facility on the Lutonbaan, Rotterdam The Hague Airport. What makes this location special is that intermediate vocational students are receiving education on the airport site itself, thereby allowing them to experience aviation practice directly. Innovative education, close to the context of the profession.

The students’ envisaged professional practice is simulated in various ways at the new location; there is a check-in desk at the entrance plus bag check and the corridor leads to the entrance of a plane. Together, these give the impression that the visitor is entering an airport when they come into the building; even the signs indicating the classrooms are in exactly the same style as airport signage. Students can see planes taking off and landing during their lessons, which take place in a real aeroplane. Various models – either scale models or life-sized – of truly eye-catching aviation products or designs embellish the interior and the hangar is connected to the main building on the site. At this facility to the north of Rotterdam, Albeda provides four intermediate vocational studies: students are trained to become aviation service providers, airport facilities supervisors, detention centre/complex security guards and airport security guards.

Parts of the curriculum are also offered to partners such as the airport terminal and the adjacent detention centre. The entire building constitutes an environment for learning and working, including numerous practice rooms which have been realised with partners such as Rotterdam The Hague Airport, KLM, TUI, Transavia and Facilicom. This ensures that students can be quickly and easily acquainted with the professional practice and the business world (and vice versa) while at the same time experiencing the newest developments within the aviation industry first hand.

Sustainable and unique
The design of the building is highly sustainable thanks to the circular support structure made entirely of steel, solar panels on the roof and connection to the heat source of the airport. These premises are unique in the Netherlands, whereby the individual development of each student is key and the curriculum is adjusted to the students’ requirements. This prestigious project is the result of a collaboration between two brand partners who also contribute to the smart, vital and circular city that Rotterdam aspires to be.

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Albeda is a regional education centre (ROC) for intermediate vocational schooling and education. As one of the largest regional educational providers in the Netherlands, we consider ourselves to be the educators of the future for both the city and the country as a whole.

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