In keeping with the motto ‘Building new perspectives’, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is busy building a future-proof and sustainable Campus Woudestein. Building work started in March on a multifunctional, energy-neutral education building, as well as an ultra-modern sports facility, and sustainability is absolutely key to all the designs. For example, almost 1,000 solar panels are planned for the roof of the sports facility, while a combination of innovative technologies and energy-saving measures will ensure that the new education building will actually produce more energy than it consumes.

The multifunctional education building will be situated next to the Polak Building. In the near future, as well as lecture halls and classrooms, it will include a publicly accessible café, a living room, a silent area and study workplaces for approximately 3,000 students. Ellen van Schoten, a member of the Executive Board, underlines the importance of these new premises: ‘We want to provide a comfortable place for study and relaxation, the more so as we are seeing an increasing need for small-scale education and interdisciplinary collaboration’.

Another major aspiration – a CO₂ neutral campus – is now also within reach. The education building, designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects, will be realised according to the principles of circular building, and will be completely energy-neutral and climate-proof. The ventilation system, powered by wind and sunlight, is revolutionary, and the timber used in the construction of the building has been sourced from a conservation area managed by the Dutch Forestry Commission (Staatsbosbeheer). Alderman Bas Kurvers (Housing) feels that these buildings will contribute to the prestige of the campus: ‘When I studied here in the late 1990s, we used to go straight home after college, but now the campus has really become a venue for social gatherings’.

Erasmus University Rotterdam will be the owner of the new sports building, which will be run by the Erasmus Sports Foundation. With this new sports building, Erasmus University is intent on further fostering sport on campus. Once the new sports building is completed, it will provide space for around 11,000 sports-pass holders and 25 associations and will facilitate 50 different sports. The 8,800 m² floor area of the building ensures that the facility will have the capacity to cater for future demand; it will feature three competition halls conforming to the NOC*NSF quality mark, two training halls and extensive fitness and catering facilities.

A construction period of two years is planned, and it is anticipated that both buildings will be ready for commissioning in the academic year 2022-2023.

If you would like to know more about the sustainable campus and the new buildings, please visit the talk show: 

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