For Rotterdam Art Week, we put a number of questions to a captivating personality active in the field of art, design & architecture in Rotterdam. When it’s about design and the city of Rotterdam, the name of artist and designer Daan Roosegaarde springs to mind spontaneously. Although his studio is not participating in this year’s edition of Rotterdam Art Week, it is fascinating to read what this Rotterdam-based studio is currently committed to. Among other things, Studio Roosegaarde realised a glowing bike path as an ode to Van Gogh, an artificial sun that reduces viruses as well as a ring that is filled with a 1,000 m3 of smog (filtered by yourselves).

Art & Science

It takes technological innovation and social experience to bring about real change. You need both: just one skill simply does not have enough impact. Other than that, a good design piques your interest in a better future!


To my mind, TechnoPoetry is the dynamic relationship between mankind and technology. The presence of a visitor plays a part in many of my designs; the visitors become part of the work. The connection created between the design and the visitor is what I call TechnoPoetry. An example of this is the Lotus Dome design, which reacts to human presence. The heat-sensitive, smart flowers fold open and closed, thus creating an interactive play of light and shadow.

Climate issues

Stimulating our desire for Beauty, related to our marvelling at the world that surrounds us while at the same time referring to cleanliness, i.e. clean spaces, clean air, clean water and clean energy. Beauty stimulates the activation of change for citizens and authorities alike. Appreciating and embracing Beauty as a creative tool to ensure a cleaner living environment.

Rotterdam is my incubator

I consider Rotterdam to be an incubator, providing space to develop my prototypes and launch large-scale projects. Studio Roosegaarde is located in a renovated glass factory in Rotterdam, where our team of designers and boffins are working on these landscapes of the future. We first have to picture our better future in our minds before we can build it.

Daan Roosegaarde
Daan Roosegaarde
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