Two Rotterdam icons work together: Kunsthal Rotterdam and Rotterdam Zoo share their fascination for animals and discuss these fascinating creatures.

Feathered polar bears, a floating elephant and a wild wolf: extraordinary animal creations by contemporary artists can be found in We Are Animals in the Kunsthal. But how does the polar bear live in the wild? How many muscles does an elephant have in its trunk and can it really hang upside down like that? And are there actually wolves in Rotterdam Zoo?

We give you a small impression of the exhibition through the eyes of Kunsthal curator Eva van Diggelen and head of Plant & Animal of Rotterdam Zoo Harald Schmidt. Together they look at and talk about animals: in contemporary art and as real animals. In a mini series of three short episodes, you will delve into the world of animals in the Kunsthal and Rotterdam Zoo!

We Are (talking about) Animals is an online project, so you can always watch it (for free).


Rotterdam Make It Happen stands for taking initiative, connecting in the city, energy and creativity. In a period when people from Rotterdam – and everyone outside Rotterdam – could not visit the Kunsthal and Rotterdam Zoo, we have made it possible for the public to get a look behind the scenes at a brand new exhibition and at the beautiful animals in Rotterdam Zoo. The conversations between Eva and Harald provide a spontaneous, informative and fascinating insight into the world of animals: in contemporary art and in real life. This is also interesting at the moment, because the Kunsthal and Rotterdam Zoo are open again!

Kunsthal Rotterdam

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