We believe that when it’s all about the best ideas,
it doesn’t matter who devised them
or where they came from.
What matters is what you do with them
or what you can achieve with them.

The best ideas come from free spirits,
people who see the possibilities and seize the space,
cherishing boundless ambitions
and pushing through when others are in doubt;
people with bold dreams
and ideals who will accept any challenge.

The best ideas need people.
People who can see the world as it could be;
entrepreneurs and pioneers,
teachers, talents and investors.
People who build bridges and connect;
the dreamers and the doers.

These are the pioneers who make ideas truly great.
They know their way around,
and opt for a city with room for growth.
A city crammed full of potential,
a city that bustles with energy.
A city with a world port that attracts and connects,
providing a stepping stone for anyone who wants to conquer the world.

Do you have an idea?
Can you see opportunities?
Seize the space and go for it!



Rotterdam’s DNA

Rotterdam’s DNA is encapsulated in the words Bold (raw), Forward (entrepreneurial) and Culture (international). This DNA is the basis of the Rotterdam brand.

The DNA denotes the essential characteristics of our city. That’s why it is the foundation for our city’s brand positioning: Rotterdam. Make It Happen. This creates a common goal; it gives direction to policy and strategy, as well as ensuring a focus in city marketing and communication by the partners.


Rotterdam is a bold city and its raw and authentic culture stimulates contrast and creativity in business, the visual arts, poetry, politics and dance.


Rotterdam is the city of entrepreneurship. Anyone who wants to achieve something – something new or special – will find their way in Rotterdam. Here it doesn’t matter where you come from, but where you want to go.


Rotterdam is a metropolis. Its port is the largest and most sophisticated in Europe and is one of the top 10 ports in the world. Rotterdam is situated on the North Sea; connected with 1,000 ports all over the world. The city features a dramatic skyline and modern architecture, as well as being home to 178 nationalities with an international network.


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