Many beautiful videos about Rotterdam

There are many beautiful videos about Rotterdam. Many of these are publically available on YouTube so anyone can watch and share them. On this page we present you with a selection of promotional videos. Do you know of a Rotterdam video that should be included on this page? Please let us know.

Please note: these promotional videos can only be used/shown in their entirity. You must not take/cut/edit scenes or images from these productions and use these in your productions. If you are looking for raw video footage that you can reuse in your productions, please use the search option in the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit.

Rotterdam. Make It Happen.

An inspiring introduction video about Rotterdam. Make It Happen. The new brand movie is online. Duration: 1:04.

Promo film Rotterdam

Her name is Rotterdam. Rotterdam is at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of Rotterdam. Proud of its energy, its innovative and enterprising character and its port. Proud of its down-to-earth charm and international flair. Rotterdam is always on the move. Duration: 1’02”.

Innovation Ecosystem

A city of distinctive character, Rotterdam is energetic and constantly changing. Rotterdam and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation. In fact, they would rather seek it out. The strong entrepreneurial climate and innovation ecosystem are true testonomials to the Rotterdam way of doing things, being bold, working together and making progress. Duration: 1’19”.

Entrepreneurship and innovation in Rotterdam

Entrepreneurial and innovative Rotterdam has many well-known but also lesser known gems and success stories. Rotterdam Partners, together with the municipality of Rotterdam, made a series of 5 short film portraits of successful entrepreneurs and innovation hubs in Rotterdam (CIC, Life Sciences & Health Hub, DE URBANISTEN, FiberCore and MgAubel). Watch these five films through  this playlist. Total duration: app. 8’38”.

Rotterdam Golbal Talent Hub

Why Rotterdam for your business? Check out these examples of entrepreneurs that make it happen in Rotterdam. ‘Rotterdam is not scared for big goals. It is the place to be if you want to do business’. Total duration: 2’29”

Rotterdam festival city

If it’s festivals you’re into, Rotterdam is the place to be! Especially in the summer, when there’s always something going on. From small and intimite festivals to large events that last for several days. Duration: 1′.

Rotterdam (top) Sports city

Rotterdam is sports city #1 in the Netherlands. This nice film shows you some of the highlights of Rotterdam and its passion for sports. Duration: 2’02”.

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