The Rotterdam. Make It Happen. brand alliance is a partnership between 33 Rotterdam-based businesses (partners), which jointly use Rotterdam. Make It Happen. brand positioning to contribute to the enhancement of Rotterdam’s national and international appeal.

Based on their shared Rotterdam identity and mentality, together with a collective tone of voice, style and brand promise, the members of the brand alliance employ a provocative approach with the aim of making Rotterdam’s position smarter and stronger.

A collective brand promise, one which reflects Rotterdam’s DNA and mentality and highlights what the city, port and residents stand for: pushing boundaries; global and no-nonsense. The overall objective is to profile Rotterdam internationally for talents, businesses and visitors; contributing to economic value with a social impact on the city.


The Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam City Council, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners, Rotterdam Festivals, Rotterdam Topsport and Erasmus MC have entered into a unique collaboration. Deploying a collective city brand, tone of voice, style and brand promise, they are working on the profiling of Rotterdam at home and abroad. Rotterdam’s brand positioning has been Rotterdam. Make it Happen. since its inception in 2014. It is based on the unique characteristics for which our city is known and which make Rotterdam stand out: an energetic city with an outspoken character; a city that is forever changing. Rotterdam is the re-build city of the Netherlands. Rotterdam and Rotterdammers come out stronger from any battle and tend to seek out experiment, rather than shying away from it. The Make it Happen mentality is tangible and visible here.

An increasing number of people, institutions and businesses have come to embrace the city brand; between them, they make up the brand alliance. They provide substance to the city brand with innovation and entrepreneurship; by collaborating and connecting; by moving ahead of the crowd and having the courage to explore new avenues; by thinking about sustainable solutions; by discovery and action.

If you would like to know more about our 33 partners, take a look here.

The power of joining forces

The power of the brand alliance lies in the joining of forces; you can go faster alone, but you can achieve more together. Collaboration generates a powerful image of Rotterdam, as well as an inspiring city brand. Together, we are committed to profiling the city internationally among talents, businesses, visitors, investors, residents and students.

As well as a brand positioning tool, Rotterdam. Make it Happen. is also a statement about cooperation. As a brand alliance we stimulate fresh partnerships that lead to innovation. We create possibilities for the city by empowering the network and bringing together parties that are in themselves proof of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. The mutual exchange of expertise and knowhow leads to a unique cross-pollination, mixing bold and polished elements and the international aspect with the city’s traditional urban culture. Together, we promote Rotterdam, giving substance to the city brand by innovation and entrepreneurship; discovery, experience and action.

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