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  • The resources made available on the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit (hereinafter referred to as RBT) platform can be used for communications and content that create a positive image of Rotterdam as a (business) tourist destination or an attractive place to live, do business, study, or organise events,
    • by anyone: for illustration purposes in articles, news items, and other editorial reporting/productions about Rotterdam (such as in newspapers and magazines, and in corporate communications and marketing material, including websites, brochures, (e-)newsletters), as long as the resources are not used to promote a product or service directly.
    • by Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Alliance Partners[1], Brand Partners[2] and official affiliates of Rotterdam Partners[3]: for illustration purposes in corporate communications and marketing material as specified for ‘by anyone’, as well as for illustration purposes in campaigns, branded content, for physical, temporary, and local promotional materials, advertisements, advertorials, and social media ads, as long as they are used to promote Rotterdam (and not to promote a product or service directly).
  • Resources made available on the RBT platform may NOT be used for advertising, commercials, merchandising, and other practices/communications that are intended as direct product or service promotion (by which we mean commercials, advertisements, campaigns, etc. that are intended to generate sales of a specific product or a specific service).
  • The user has only a limited right of use for the above purposes and does not acquire a proprietary right or a right to transfer the resources to his or her own or external platforms or databases. Intellectual property rights to the resources shall at all time remain with the relevant copyright holder(s).
  • The resources may under no circumstance be used in conjunction with social, religious, and/or political views or for social, religious and/or political purposes.
  • When using the resources, the user is under an obligation to credit the photographer/right holder, using the name specified with the resources on the RBT platform.
  • It is not allowed to change or edit photo and video resources made available on the RBT, other than a maximum crop of 10%, which means that a photo can only be cropped by up to 10%. When cropping a photo, the subject of the total photo must never be altered. Examples of crops that are not permitted are zooming in on or cutting out (parts of) persons, works of art, architecture. For video materials, certain shots/fragments may be cut from the downloadable video fragments. Cutting shots/fragments from edited video productions is prohibited.
  • When it comes to other forms of use not specified in this document, it will be the user’s personal responsibility to seek consent from the relevant copyright holder(s). Rotterdam Partners will never be a party to such requests for consent.
  • In case of any kind of improper and/or prohibited use, the user will be liable for possible third-party claims in relation to copyright, intellectual property rights, privacy breaches, and other forms of loss or damage caused by the improper/unlawful use. Rotterdam Partners and the Brand Alliance Partners cannot be held liable for such loss or damage and are not a party in (the settlement of) such cases.
  • Rotterdam Partners reserves the right to remove resources from the RBT platform without (prior) notice. Removal of resources from the RBT platform automatically voids users’ right to use these resources. This means that RBT users will then have to stop using and distributing the resources in question as soon as possible. The resources can therefore not be reused and additional copies cannot be printed, while the resources cannot be used again for another purpose either.
  • Rotterdam Partners cannot be held liable for loss or damage that may ensue from corruption of the user’s computer systems due to the downloading and/or using of resources made available on the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit platform.
  • Rotterdam Partners reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use of RBT resources at any time without prior notice. Rotterdam Partners is committed to giving clear notice of such amendments on the RBT platform.
  • To be able to download and use RBT resources, the user will be required to accept these terms and conditions before downloading the resources (by ticking the appropriate box) and to enter the following details online: email address and name (compulsory), company name (optional).
  • Rotterdam Partners will never share details submitted by the user with third parties other than the Brand Alliance Partners, and then only if necessary as part of ensuring optimum functioning of the RBT platform. Rotterdam Partners will use data provided only if necessary to inform the user about important developments/changes concerning the functionality of the RBT platform and/or Rotterdam Make It Happen.


Soundtrack010 is the DNA of Rotterdam translated into a track and separate music fragments. Made by composers, producers and musicians from Rotterdam. The track and music fragments are available for a period of 2 years from the publication date (8 May 2020) and can be used under the same conditions that apply to other materials on the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit. After this 2-year period (as of May 8, 2022) the right to use the tracks and music fragments expires. In addition to the existing conditions, the following applies: “editing of the music is permitted as long as the fundamental melody of the music is still recognizable.”

[1] Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Alliance Partners: the City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partners, the Port of Rotterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals, and Rotterdam Topsport.

[2] Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Partners are listed on the ‘Rotterdam Make It Happen’ website. On the date of publication of these revised terms and conditions of use, the following parties are registered Rotterdam Make It Happen Brand Partners: Cruise Port Rotterdam, Diergaarde Blijdorp, Euromast, Feyenoord Football Club, RDM Rotterdam, Rotterdam Ahoy, The Rotterdam Philharmonic, Rotterdam Port Promotion Council, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, and Spido. For possible changes to the list of Brand Partners, please check the Rotterdam Make It Happen website.

[3] Rotterdam City-Living Partners, Rotterdam Convention & Tourism Partners, Rotterdam Knowledge Partners, and Rotterdam Economic Partners.

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