There is something raw about Make it Happen aficionados; they are enterprising and full of initiative, and their perspective extends beyond the borders of our country. They spot opportunities in the market or society and identify scope for improvement. They have a no-nonsense mentality and plenty of guts, always speaking their mind freely. Make it Happen aficionados are invariably openhearted and accept people as they are. They contribute to diversity and are committed to their environment and community. Together with others, they take care of their environment and of one another. Make it Happen aficionados are persistent, resourceful and self-confident. They devise alternatives in the face of adversity and keep going when others give up.

The Make it Happen mentality makes us stand out from the crowd, as well as ensuring that we are identified at an international level. Make it Happen aficionados are pioneers, making the city what it is today; prominent and distinctive among other healthy, smart and circular cities.

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