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🕯✨🎄✨⛪️✨😇✨🥳✨😋🥂🍾🥂🥴✨✌️✨🌏✨🕯2 days ago
Het thema voor Eurovision Songcontest @2020Rotterdam is bekend: 'Open Up'. #Eurovision2020 #RotterdamMakeItHappen
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Scrubberinzameling in Rotterdam op orde. Lees meer: #IMO2020 #energietransitie #rotterdam #rotterdammakeithappen
Port of Rotterdam2 days ago
Scrubber waste collection in order in Rotterdam. Read more: #IMO2020 #energytransition #rotterdammakeithappen
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On the Maasvlakte you can already get acquainted with the wind turbines of the future. The Haliade-X is being tested here, the world's largest wind turbine. Now on land, but later intended for offshore wind parks. Want to learn more? Check the link in the...
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What started two years ago as Bob de Haar's mini-garden, became a campus garden the size of a tennis court this summer. According to him, it is not necessary that the human impact on the environment is negative: "A rich, diverse ecology can go hand...
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"In search of Habitus" is one more interesting installation in Rotterdam where 20 trees forms a Bobbing Forest. Floating "tree tubes" are made from discarded sea buoys where elms are growing.⁠ ⁠ This art project attracts attention to climate change, shows the importance of greenery...
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