Europe’s most beautiful zoo

Rotterdam Zoo will take you on a journey around the world past all continents. From the savannahs of Africa with Rotterdam Zoo’s star gorilla, Bokito, to the Antarctic with the polar bears Sizzel and Todz. Popular with all ages, Rotterdam Zoo is a place where people come from far and wide to marvel at the animal kingdom. Every year, the zoo draws 1.5 million (international) visitors to Rotterdam!

Cultural heritage

Rotterdam Zoo is a lovely, green refuge in the heart of Rotterdam. It first opened its doors in 1857 in a garden by a railway line, and has meanwhile grown into one of Europe’s most beautiful zoos. Rotterdam Zoo was designed by one single architect (Van Ravensteijn) and boasts as many as 21 unique listed buildings, making the zoo an important custodian of Rotterdam’s cultural heritage.

‘Rotterdam Zoo is a place filled with unforgettable encounters’

Deep roots

Rotterdam Zoo has been a strong brand for years and is a perfect match with Rotterdam. Make It Happen. We both have strong roots and focus on growth based on our core values. We are therefore extremely proud of this brand partner, where the Rotterdam mentality still comes first.

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