Global superstars in Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) is a household name. Both here and far beyond the borders of our city, connoisseurs are familiar with the sounds of Rotterdam. RPO builds on its strong roots in classical music and the temperament of its home base of Rotterdam.

International class

Rotterdam’s symphony orchestra has been firmly on the (inter)national map since 1918, thanks to greats such as Eduard Flipse, Jean Fournet, and Edo de Waart. In everything they do, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra couples its international class to its Rotterdam roots. Or, in the words of RPO itself: ‘When we go on tour, we are an ambassador for the city wherever we are in the world, in close collaboration with the city. When we perform in Rotterdam, we bring the best the world has to offer to our home town of Rotterdam.’

‘We are an energetic, adventurous, and ambitious orchestra. This is comes to the fore in who we are, what we do, and how we play. With Rotterdam as our home base, and with symphonic music as the mainstay of our repertoire.’

Diverse like Rotterdam

RPO is partnering with other Rotterdam-based organisations to join forces in new productions for a new target group. ‘We always want to reach, connect, and inspire new people.’ Our programme is therefore diverse and varied. Just like our city!

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