Proud ambassadors

Ask anyone in Rotterdam to list the icons of their city, and they will all include Spido in that list. The sightseeing tours of the harbour in Spido boats are famous with tourists and Rotterdam residents alike. It is an attraction that no one wants to and should miss out on.

Unforgettable tours

Spido is a fixture on Rotterdam’s waterways. As far back as in 1919, the company started providing its services across the port area. In the early days, they ferried Spido crew members between the shore and ships moored across the port. In the 1930s, out of a sense of pride in Rotterdam’s vast port, the owners of Spido started offering tours of the port for tourists. It turned out to be a great move. Today, hundreds of thousands of tourists explore Rotterdam’s impressive port on Spido’s boats every year.

‘Spido is the window to the port of Rotterdam.’

Love for the harbour

Spido has been an indispensable ambassador of the city for years, and they are therefore a stalwart brand partner of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. Like no other, Spido spreads love for Rotterdam’s port. Everyone who steps aboard one of their boats can feel, taste, and hear that. You’ll see, it will turn you into an ambassador as well…

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