Hotspot Hutspots thinks that all Rotterdammers should have a hot meal daily

The people behind hotspot hutspot think that all Rotterdammers should have a hot meal daily, and people who can’t afford this themselves, get a free meal at the restaurant. Volunteers are currently delivering free meals to people at home too. Bob Richters started hotspot hutspot with a number of other people a few years ago. Their motto is good food for everyone. They use food to engage and connect people. The restaurants are located in places where there is vacant and uncultivated land and have a vegetable garden and an interior space with a kitchen.


What is hotspot hutspot?

‘The hotspot functions as a neighbourhood restaurant for several evenings a week. Under professional guidance, volunteers cook an affordable and healthy three-course menu that they serve to guests in the restaurant for 9 euros. For those who can’t afford it, the meal is free.’

When did you start home deliveries?

‘When the restaurants had to close due to the corona crisis, we started the website because we thought it was important that people continued to eat affordably and healthily. Everyone could order a hot meal on the website, even those who couldn’t afford it. It was popular. We delivered about 70 free meals a day in the past few months.’

Has much changed since the government relaxed the rules?

‘Both of the hotspot hutspot locations are open again. Everyone can come and enjoy a three-course meal again. That’s why we’ve stopped selling meals online, but the delivery of free meals will continue for the time being. Many people still can’t afford a hot meal. This is partly because the majority of initiatives in the district have not yet started. I think we may be delivering even more meals now than we did a few weeks ago.’

How can Rotterdammers help?

‘You can help us in different ways. By donating or buying a postponed dinner. A postponed dinner means you pay for someone else’s meal. This can be done in the restaurants or via You can also register as a volunteer. We can still use meal couriers with a car and we also need help in the kitchen. Because the schools are now on vacation, we have fewer interns working.’


If you want to work as a volunteer at hotspot hutspot, please visit hotspot hutspot lomba, Van Langendonckstraat 51, between 14:00 and 17:00 on Mondays. You can also send an email to

How can you request a free meal?

If you would like a free meal, please send an email to or call 06 184 238 33. Volunteers will deliver the food to your home between 16.00 and 18.00.

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