What a year we’ve had. Shops were closed and terraces remained vacant. Empty streets were in stark contrast with overcrowded hospitals. Could it get any worse?

Rotterdam wouldn’t be Rotterdam if it wasn’t for our fighting can do spirit. We got creative and looked after each other. We proved our resilience and persistence. We buckled up and showed everyone what we’re made of. That’s what we did 75 years ago and what we’ll do now. Don’t believe us? We show it in our video.

We follow Ries Robuust as he constructs his version of the 2021 Make It Happen artwork. Meanwhile, other partners in Rotterdam are working behind the scenes to do their own part. This shows us that despites off all the setbacks, we will never lose hope. In 2021, together, we’ll Make It Happen!

This video is a collaboration between Bigguban Media, IMMATURE, Mip Media and Ries Robuust.


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