The annual fireworks at the Erasmusbrug fell victim to the corona crisis. But do not despair. Rotterdam shows its resourcefulness once again. A drone show, initiated by Drone Light Labs en Mothership, replaces the fireworks. Over the course of several weeks recordings were made of the drones hovering about the river Maas. Together these recordings will tell a short story about overcoming the challenges 2020 threw at us. It’ll also kick off the year 2021 in a spectacular fashion. A year we can hopefully spend in good health and close to each other.

The drone show is directed by Ivan Barbosa and tells the story of a fairytale character with a tromput. He takes the burden of the entire country onto himself, which is eventually lifted toward the heavens by beautiful lights and music.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra performed a piece specifically composed for the short film by Joos van Leeuwen en Mike Schäperclaus. It is accompanied by the words of accomplished artist Elten Kiene.

Have you missed the show or do you simply want to rewatch it? Look no further and see below.


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