The Dialogue with the City

What would Rotterdam look like twenty years from now if the residents of Rotterdam were in a position to decide? With this question in mind, Rotterdam's City Council started the Dialogue with the City in January 2017. Why? Well, because a great deal is going to change in the coming years, and we want to be prepared for these changes, together. Over the course of a few months, the dialogue was opened with anyone willing to talk about the Rotterdam of 2037. Young and old, rich and poor, highly educated people and those with limited education, people from different backgrounds, etc. More than 9,000 people took part.

Inspiration for future plans

Together, we explored expectations, ideas and opinions about the city’s future. It was an adventurous journey with many positive reactions, inspiring stories, opportunities and sometimes worrisome visions. The Dialogue provided a wealth of information that serves as input for future plans and inspiration for Rotterdam's City Council, organisations, trade and industry, and of course the ‘ordinary’ resident of Rotterdam. The story of the city...

City Story Magazine

On the website and in the magazine (with the same name) you will find the complete City Story. We invite you to use the Story as a source of input and inspiration as well. Consider it a 'gift' from all the residents of Rotterdam to all the residents of Rotterdam. For those who shape their future by acting on their dreams right now. Hand in hand and in constant dialogue. Because the Story of Rotterdam is never finished. Interviews being conducted on the street
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