Rotterdam is truly happening; the city’s offer is nothing short of awesome. Residents of Rotterdam have obviously known this from the day they were born.

We at Around010 Events would be delighted to introduce you and your business to the city and its inhabitants. Unlike some other parties, we are eager to help you experience the way in which local residents live, eat, drink and earn their livelihood. So – no Euromast or Markthal, but a truly comprehensive local experience!

Your business event can be fully customised in both duration and theme. Would you like to focus more on eating and drinking, or would you prefer to learn more about sustainability, or the history of the city? We can set this up together. And we offer a fully-rounded experience inclusive of transport and catering, with an overnight stay if appropriate. As we say in Rotterdam; you can’t walk with only one leg!

Make It Happen

In collaboration with the Rotterdam. Make It Happen. brand alliance, Around010 Events has developed the tour of the same name.

The slogan ‘Make It Happen’ epitomises everything that makes Rotterdam such a fabulous city. A hands-on and highly pragmatic approach and attitude; the testing ground of the world when it comes to creativity, exploration and collaboration. International, raw and innovative; these are the keywords of the city.

In the course of this awesome tour we will tell you all about the DNA of Rotterdam’s residents; how a small fishing village turned into the largest port in the world, and why the city has come to such impressive international prominence over the past few years. Make It Happen has also initiated street art in the city, crafted by a number of highly individual artists, and of course we will also show you their work. The tour ends with refreshments in the oldest original Rotterdam shopping street; Oude Binnenweg. So, don’t hesitate – Make it Happen!

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