De Kroon is a comprehensive business complex in Rotterdam. We accommodate offices, several halls and workshops, a campsite, music studios and an extensive outdoor space. This makes De Kroon a microcosm of Rotterdam, crammed with doers, thinkers and makers who like to do things their own way. De Kroon facilitates and empowers them. What all KROON participants share is the motivation to engage in business and to support one another in their entrepreneurship; to be ahead of the curve, have the courage to explore new avenues, and think about sustainable or innovative solutions.


De Kroon can see itself reflected in the ideals of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. and is eager to disseminate them, so as you walk across the outdoor spaces of De Kroon, you are bound to see reminders of the hallmark of this mentality on some of the furniture. For example, the Rotterdam. Make It Happen. logo not only features on the easy chairs of Studio Rotganzen, but can also be found on the ‘freerun’ blocks of the Freestyle School Rotterdam. Every day, this furniture reminds the doers, thinkers and makers of De Kroon to roll up their sleeves and contribute to making Rotterdam an even finer city.

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