Placebased & Co takes care of the forgotten and deserted places in Rotterdam, ensuring that they can contribute positively to the city again. We do this by providing affordable multi-business premises which include a close-knit community. Some examples of these special sites include De Kroon, De Hillevliet and Keilewerf.

We are actively involved in the development of the immediate surroundings of our buildings and we are always open to collaboration, for example, offering space to businesses and organisations from the neighbourhood and linking these parties to one another, to Rotterdam and to other outside parties. We also work on greening and projects in the public space beyond the confines of our locations.

To us, community means working together, as well as helping and inspiring one another. This is how we draw attention to our environment, but always in an unstructured manner. We celebrate what we are doing; it is the users, the building and its environment that form the programme. We make time for research and guided tours, we organise open days and we connect to the Rotterdam programme.

Whenever a community settles in a city quarter, it is not only the premises that flourish. The immediate vicinity is bound to benefit, and wonderful collaborations can be brought about. This is how – together – we can make the city stronger. #rotterdammakeithappen

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