High, higher, highest!

From as far back as the 1960s, the Euromast tower has been the defining feature of the Rotterdam skyline. Standing 185-metres tall, ‘the Mast’ is still the Netherlands’ tallest observation tower. When it comes to the view, we can be brief: everyone should experience it at least once!

Rotterdam mindset

Euromast is Rotterdam-made and Rotterdam-designed through and through. In 1958, a Rotterdam-based architect called Hugh Maaskant and a local contractor called J.P. van Eesteren got together to build what was to be the Netherlands’ tallest building at the time. To retain that title, the mast’s height was increased to 185 metres in 1970. This simply typifies that quintessentially Rotterdam mindset that everything is possible in this town!

‘Euromast is an icon, and you simply cannot imagine Rotterdam’s stunning skyline without it. We are literally reaching for great heights!’

Uniting factor

The mentality behind Euromast is therefore completely in sync with Rotterdam. Make It Happen. Including when it comes to establishing connections with other organisations. ‘We work together with various partners in the city. We, for example, make it easier and more attractive for tourists to enjoy this beautiful city.’

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