At Rabobank Rotterdam, we help our clients achieve their ambitions. In addition, we are commited to our environment on the basis of the following themes: ‘Financial Well-being’, ‘Sustainable living’, ‘Sustainable Food’, ‘Sustainable growth and energy supply’ (aimed at SMEs) and ‘Strengthening the local living environment’. Our bustling market area covers, in addition to Rotterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Vlaardingen and Schiedam. Our head office, located at the Weena in the Rotterdam Central Business District, is the place where everything comes together. From large and established to start-up. From temporary and raw to polished and sustainable. Fitting for a bank that is at the heart of society and revolves around its customers.

Our local impact

Financial well-being

We help the people of Rotterdam to be as financially independent as possible. For example, dozens of employees teach money management in schools. Our Senior Desk regularly organises workshops to teach elderly people how to do their banking business safely online. And we help to increase equality of opportunity in Rotterdam through, for example, ‘ De Rotterdamse Douwers’.

Sustainable food

The increasing need for food requires new ways of dealing with food. That is why we support the Blue City Lab, where experiments are conducted to produce and process food intelligently in the city, as well as the local food banks and Zero Food Waste.

Sustainable living

As a cooperative bank and the largest mortgage lender, making the housing market more sustainable is high on our agenda. We contribute by giving our customers insight into the various energy-saving-facilities and offering them products for financing. We also help various collective local energy and sustainability initiatives in our region.

Sustainable growth and energy supply

SMEs are the backbone of our economy. That is why we stimulate entrepreneurs to innovate, to digitalise, to become more sustainable, to learn from each other and to cooperate. We achieve this through organising master classes for starters and coaching programmes. We also help, for example, through the ‘Energetic Region’ programme, to make local business parks more sustainable.

Versterken lokale leefomgeving

Associations (sports and culture) provide connection and well-being in a neighbourhood. Through the Rabo ClubSupport programme, we help several associations each year with their social challenges.

Partner of the city
A condition for achieving results is good cooperation with the municipality. That is why, in 2020, we recorded our partnership with the city in a declaration of intent. This is our way to demonstrate which topics the municipality, but also the residents and entrepreneurs can count on our financial contribution, manpower, knowledge and network.

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