Everything in Rotterdam grows – the skyline, its popularity, the number of visiting tourists and residents – but the city centre of Rotterdam has the potential to grow into a top international location. The Rotterdam Centre organisation wants to make the area as attractive and relevant as possible: a congenial destination with a unique identity; a place to shop, live, work and visit. Obviously, we won’t be doing this alone. We will be working closely with partners in the city centre, such as the municipality, entrepreneurs, property owners, Platform Gastvrij and the brand alliance. Rotterdam Centre also wants to distinguish itself from other prominent city centres in the years to come by committing itself to marketing and promotion, events programming, cleanliness, attractive public spaces, safety, accessibility, innovation and area development.

Brand strategy

The starting point for our brand strategy mirrors the brand strategy of the city: Rotterdam. Make It Happen. On the basis of the same starting points (Bold, Culture, Forward) we have developed a powerful identity. One that is typically Rotterdam, but which also appeals to the rest of the Netherlands and beyond.

Customer journey

We promote Rotterdam Centre as a truly top location. There is so much to do and admire in Rotterdam Centre. Rotterdammers generally know where to be, but in a city full of surprises, that can sometimes be quite difficult even for them! Rotterdam is a city that must be explored. One way we communicate this is by reaching out to influencers and trendsetters, gaining their allegiance by providing cool online content via social media channels (Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn) as well as the Rotterdam City Centre platform. Such influencers are popular with other target groups and constitute a valuable pull factor.

Using the Rotterdam Centre platform and social media channels, we put the vibrant heart of our city on the map, also working on a strong positioning of this core shopping area. On these platforms, we share the latest news about hotspots and events, whether that be shopping, living, working, the hospitality industry or nightlife. This acts as a guide for visitors on their quest for all the good things our city has to offer, ensuring a marvellous customer experience. In doing so, we do not confine ourselves to the city centre alone; we believe in a total-offer concept, leading eventually to mutual strengthening.

About us

The Rotterdam Centre organisation works for property owners and entrepreneurs active in the shopping and hospitality industries in the city centre of Rotterdam, and 320 shopkeepers and 65 property owners have been united since 2019 in the largest economic BIZ (Business Investment Zone) in the Netherlands. Rotterdam Centre, commissioned by the BIZ, executes the annual plans of the BIZ and the defined result areas, with a team of four professionals active on a daily basis to relieve entrepreneurs and owners of any organisational concerns.

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