Pioneering from the ground

Rotterdam and aviation have been wedded to each other for centuries. In 1783, the Netherlands’ first manned hot air balloon took off here. We were pioneering! Today, over 200 years later, tens of thousands of aircraft take off from Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) every year. The airport’s ambitions continue to grow. The sky has long ceased to be the limit.

Jobs for the people of Rotterdam

RTHA is an essential factor in the success of Rotterdam and the region. It is not only an important hub for business travellers and tourists, it also fulfils an important role in the educational landscape and as a jobs creator. Facts and figures: Approximately 2,500 people work at the airport. And the airport supports even more indirect jobs.

Renewable energy

Like the city of Rotterdam, the airport has shown that innovation and sustainability are in its DNA. One example is that RTHA ‘runs’ entirely on green power. And over the coming years, the airport will start generating renewable energy on site and share it with local residents. They make it happen!

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