Where is your finish line?

We are Zadkine. We are a vocational school offering over 200 courses in the Rotterdam region. We are here for bakers and hairdressers. For the flight attendants and the forklift drivers. For the salespeople and the nurses.

Zadkine wants to offer every student the best opportunities. Opportunities to develop, tailored to their ambitions, interests, talents and growth potential. And tailored to the current and future demands from the labor market. Off the beaten track. Along the way we ask our students the question “Where is your finish line?”

It doesn’t matter where a student starts or which career path he or she takes. Together with our 12 colleges, we train them to become proud craftsmen or women. We hope to contribute to the happiness of our students, because we want to offer them the greatest chance of success in their next step to a job or further education. That is our mission, that is what we aim for.

Central to Zadkine’s education is:

  • Personal growth
  • Innovation
  • Flexible and tailor-made


We are very closely linked to the city and region of Rotterdam. It starts with our name. A name that we derive from visual artist Ossip Zadkine, who is well known in Rotterdam thanks to the statue ‘De Verwoeste Stad’, among other things.

In order to properly prepare our students for the future, we also work closely with companies, government institutions and other educators in the Rotterdam region. This way our education stays up-to-date.

  • Together with Albeda we offer our VAVO courses for adults through VAVO Rijnmond College.
  • All our technical courses can be found at Techniek College Rotterdam, a collaboration between Albeda and Zadkine.
  • And together with Albeda and Hogeschool Rotterdam, we offer two-year higher vocational education courses through Rotterdam Academy.

The strong connection with the metropolis of Rotterdam makes our membership of the Rotterdam ‘Make It Happen’ brand alliance a logical and pleasant one.


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