The promotion of entrepreneurs from Rotterdam

Where they normally mainly represent the interests of local farmers, Rechtstreex is now also promoting other Rotterdam entrepreneurs. Maarten Bouten, founder and owner of Rechtstreex, said that their situation was now completely different: ‘We have more orders than ever. We, therefore, see it as our duty to help our fellow Rotterdammers where we can.’


Rechtstreex is an online supermarket with a wide range of products from local farmers and makers. Their mission is clear: to make the local food chain as accessible as possible to everyone. Rechtstreex focuses on three things: local, transparent and social.

Local: All products come from suppliers up to 50 kilometres from Rotterdam. This way, you eat products from farmers and makers that you know and that you can also visit. The products are also much fresher because of the short travel distance.

Transparent: The supplier is noted on each product, and they receive an average of 56 cents for every euro you spend at Rechtstreex. In the regular chain, a farmer receives between 4 and 40 cents. The farmer gets a fairer price for his or her product via Rechtstreex.

Social: Rechtstreex thinks it’s important that everyone in the food chain is represented, and that people are treated with understanding and respect. This creates lasting relationships and farmers are not forced out of business based on the prices they charge.

Corona crisis

Maarten: ‘Orders are flying out the door because of the corona crisis. As an online supermarket, we are now, of course, greatly benefitting from people’s need for healthy and fresh groceries. We realise all too well that we can play an important role in these times. That is why we have decided to relax the selection criteria for new suppliers. This makes it easier for local entrepreneurs to promote their products via our platform. Our infrastructure is rock solid and a lot of people are coming to our website at the moment. We want to share that with other entrepreneurs whose sales channels have disappeared.’

Especially for these entrepreneurs, Rechtstreex has created a separate page, called ‘Met elkaar – Voor Goed’ (Together – For Good). Consumers can order delicious products from local entrepreneurs here and contribute to their survival.

For entrepreneurs: If you are you a local company that sells social or sustainable food products and would like a place on the Rechtstreex platform, please contact Frederiek Verwest from Voor Goed. She can help you further. You can reach her at or 0651580432.

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