Rotterdam has a strong entrepreneurial climate and a very active innovation ecosystem, which holds many well-known but also lesser known gems and success stories. Rotterdam Partners, together with the municipality of Rotterdam, made a series of 5 short film portraits of successful entrepreneurs and innovation hubs in Rotterdam. Please check out these 5 short film portraits: CIC Life Sciences & Health Hub DE URBANISTEN FiberCore MgAubel

Episode 5: MgAubel

MgAubel is a young company, located in the Innovation Dock at RDM Rotterdam. MgAubel specializes in concrete repair and renovation, based on their newly developed, sustainable and fast curing eco-material. Using this material, downtime of concrete infrastructure and related costs can be seriously reduced. Watch this short film!

Episode 4: FiberCore

About using new, innovative technology to build bridges worldwide that require no maintenance. “Rotterdam understands that innovation is powerful and needed.” Watch this short film!


Rotterdam is familiar with challenges relating to water and climate change. The world’s first large water square (Benthemplein) by DE URBANISTEN is a showcase of innovative urban design and water management, combining two functions: collecting water in periods of excess rain, and an attractive public space when conditions are normal. Watch this short film!

Episode 2: Life Sciences & Health Hub

The Life Sciences & Health Hub in the Rotterdam Science Tower. Where, entrepreneurs, scientists and the community of Rotterdam work together on care innovations. Nathalie Popken (business development officer at Erasmus MC TTO) and Berry Kriesels (owner/director of Omnigen) about the collaboration of entrepreneurs, researchers and the city of Rotterdam on important care innovations that are developed in Rotterdam and then shared with the world. Watch this short film!

Episode 1: CIC

CIC (Cambridge Innovation) is located in the iconic Groot Handelsgebouw, right in the middle of the Rotterdam innovation ecosystem. In this film we see and hear Melissa Ablett, general manager CIC, about building one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems, the power of networking and helping each other succeed. Watch this short film!
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