The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 is over and we really enjoyed it! 40 countries from all over the world have performed in Ahoy. We can look back on a very nice edition, it is even the most circular edition ever and we show you how Rotterdam set this thing up.


City dressing

During the Eurovision Song Contest, the entire city was decorated in Eurovision style, everywhere in the city were colors. The entire city is decorated with the colorful Sing Along city dressing from Host City Rotterdam, designed by studio VollaersZwart (sustainable & circular from recycled flags). The corporate identity is continued in various fashion items. From ties to jackets and designer dresses. The city dressing concept of Studio VollaersZwart also has an invisible goal: to let the catchy Songfestival hits play in our heads at unexpected moments. In addition, everything you see in Studio VollaersZwart’s city dressing campaign is made from recycled or reused material! The circular design of the city has been developed by reusing old flags. Now that the Eurovision Song Contest has come to an end, these products will be reused again. 

Mega 3D printed Eurovision trophy

In addition, there was also a real eye-catcher in front of Central Station: the four-meter-high 3D-printed trophy. It is made from recycled PET material retrieved from the Rotterdam waters. The Rotterdam-based Royal 3D used the waste as raw material for printing the gigantic trophy. After the Eurovision Song Contest, the artwork will be auctioned, the proceeds from the auction will go to RanMarine. This is a Rotterdam-based business born out of a desire to improve the welfare of our world’s oceans and waterways.

Circular home package

In 2030, circular will be the benchmark in Rotterdam. That means reducing, reusing and recycling. In Rotterdam we do this with guts and with each other. For example, the items from the SING ALONG at home package with party items were also made from recycled material. The package contains items such as flags, scarves, socks, masks, coasters and a shopper. The result: balconies were covered with Eurovision lyrics and living rooms decorated with circular garlands, how cool is that?

Ahoy Rotterdam

Ahoy, the place where it all took place. The roof of Ahoy is a source of sustainable energy. In total there are now 5,200 solar panels on the roof. That is comparable to almost two football fields of solar panels. Ahoy is a company with a long-term vision: “we want future generations to be able to enjoy all the beauty that we and the world have to offer. We take our responsibility. From the renewable energy that is now generated, we can supply large-scale events such as De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE, the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and North Sea Jazz with renewable energy 195 days a year. ”

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