King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday in Rotterdam next year, together with his family. The traditional King’s Day will take place on Thursday, April 27 next year. In 2023 the King is also celebrating his 10-years of reign. Rotterdam will organize King’s Day in cooperation with citizens and partners. The central theme for King’s Day 2023 is “We are all Kings & Queens”.

The Royal route

From the Afrikaanderwijk, across the Nieuwe Maas to the Binnenrotte in the city centre. That’s a brief summary of the Royal route to take place on King’s Day on 27th April. The Royal Family will get to see Rotterdam in all its glory and versatility: different cultures, art, architecture, history and the future. Anyone who already wants to feel like King or Queen can discover the route for themselves. Groups can walk the route with a Rotterdam guide. Download the route map here (only in Dutch).

King’s Day in Rotterdam is work in progress, together with citizens and partners in the city. Check for the latest news.

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