Albeda is a regional education centre (ROC) for intermediate vocational schooling and education. As one of the largest regional educational providers in the Netherlands, we consider ourselves to be the educators of the future for both the city and the country as a whole.

Emancipation motor of the city and region

We support our students in achieving a good start in the labour market, as well as contributing to their formation as entrepreneurial and responsible citizens. Both Rotterdam and the Rijnmond region are bristling with diversity and talent. As an emancipation motor, Albeda wants to make a fundamental contribution to that development, at the same time addressing social issues in the region. Many students need extra support to be able to pursue their training successfully. We fulfil our role in this, not least because for many students our school is one of their few stable social connections.

Accessible for everybody

Albeda wants to be an accessible school, welcoming anyone who is able and willing to learn, irrespective of their background. Our school is an innovative place, providing space to learn and develop talent. We offer an environment in which creativity, ideas and people come together. The school is the exercise ground, the city is our workshop. This means we can facilitate connections internally as well as linking externally to the city and our partners within it. We can only achieve this if what Albeda stands for is clear. That very clarity is anchored in our mission and core values.

Our mission

Albeda strives to offer excellent and inspiring education to anyone who is eager for it, whether that be students or the corporate world. We encourage students to identify and develop their talents and qualities. We facilitate their growth into sought-after and enterprising professionals who can play an active and sustainable role in society. We aim for, and are committed to, connection and involvement, and we do this together while acknowledging and appreciating the differences between people. We disseminate our mission by means of our core values: personal, ambitious and responsible.

Our mission and core values constitute the basis for our strategic vision ‘Albeda sets the standard!’

Click here for ‘Albeda sets the standard’, the strategic vision of Albeda.

Learning and apprenticeship environments

To students and working people we offer, among other things, the possibility to deploy their talents in what we call learning and apprenticeship environments. These are in-school simulations and out-of-school practice environments where students, employees, the corporate world and institutions learn with and from one another. Result- and practice-oriented working linked to innovative learning is key to these activities.

View our e-link on learning and apprenticeship environments here.

Link and access gate

As an ROC we form a link between preparatory and higher vocational education on the one hand, while serving as an access gate between students and businesses and institutions in Rotterdam and the Rijnmond region on the other. Thus, Albeda is inextricably linked by extensive dynamics; elevating the level of education, strengthening and vitalising activities and prosperity in the city of Rotterdam, the Rijnmond region and society at large.

For more about the way in which we contribute to these dynamics we refer you to our e-zine: Albeda, partner for learning and development.

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Intermediate vocational education makes it possible. In Rotterdam We Make It Happen.

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