Erasmus MC is a leading national and international player in the fields of health care, science and education, all of which are essential spearheads of the Rotterdam economy. Erasmus MC is also an iconic institution in Rotterdam, a city within the city, and one of the largest employers in the city and the region.

The beating heart of Rotterdam

Although Erasmus MC has only existed for 50 years, its reputation is nonetheless impressive. Right from its start in the 1960s, the institute has been conducting revolutionary research. In 1983, it saw the birth of the first test-tube baby in the world and the first heart transplant in the Netherlands. In addition, the institute has been monitoring the health of the Rotterdam population – young and old – with research programmes such as ERGO and Generation R.

If you need complex care, you want the very best treatment at the very best institute. An institute that has the courage to experiment when others have given up hope; an institute that goes on where others stop. The mission of Erasmus MC is curing sick people and keeping healthy people in good health. Like the great humanist Erasmus for whom it is named, the institute is always looking to expand horizons, and the staff do not give up until they have achieved their objectives.

The city’s largest employer

Erasmus MC is the largest employer in Rotterdam, providing employment to approximately 13,000 people working in a wide variety of positions. In addition, Erasmus MC hosts hundreds of trainees from various educational institutes at different levels. Pre-university students can attend Erasmus MC’s Junior Med School .

Erasmus MC’s size and diversity make it comparable to a real urban quarter. The institute’s new building in the city centre has many sustainable aspects including flexible use of space, rooftop gardens with fruit trees, a Pharmafilter and seasonal thermal energy storage.

By virtue of its Public Health department, the institute is literally planted right in the centre of the city and the community; please refer to the showcase ‘A healthy future for Rotterdam residents’. Every year, Erasmus MC organises the public lecture ‘In Praise of Medicine’, which invariably attracts an audience that fills the main hall of the Doelen music and congress centre.

“We are Erasmus MC. Every day we – staff, volunteers and students – are working with devotion and passion on everything Erasmus MC stands for.”

Rotterdam Roots

Rooted in Rotterdam, a world port and safe haven. The most progressive university medical centre in the Netherlands, the innovative and trend-setting Erasmus MC plays in the Champions League of international scientific research. To be and to remain such a strong UMC requires vision and ambition, courage and, above all, endurance.

Photos on this page: (c) Erasmus MC, Alain Gil-Gonzalez

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