The Rotterdam Electric Tram company (RET) strives for a perfectly organised and implemented public transport system providing the highest quality of service for residents and visitors in Rotterdam and its surroundings. Because of this, we are ‘Progressing Nicely’ and constantly renewing ourselves. We set the bar a little higher every time so that we keep improving, step by step, for all our customers.


As a public enterprise, we are both logistic and social connectors with strong links to Rotterdam and its environs for nearly 150 years. This is expressed by our active collaboration with other regional organisations. For many years, RET has been presenting the Aardig Onderweg Award (Progressing Nicely), an award for promising regional initiatives.


We strive for diversity in gender, ethnicity and age in the recruitment of our new employees; this also means we need to anticipate the future. RET has started a special training course in collaboration with the Zadkine College, including paid apprenticeships for maintenance engineers. Many of our maintenance engineers will be retiring in the coming years, and the new trams, buses and metro carriages being introduced will require specialist maintenance. RET is constantly busy shaping the network of the future; not least to meet the needs of increasing urbanisation.


RET attaches great importance to the creation of a better environment, both in the city and the region, and our trams and metros are wholly operated on ‘green current’. In late 2019, RET introduced 55 fully-electric buses, and by 2030 the entire bus fleet will be totally emission-free. RET is striving to make public transport an even more sustainable travel option. In that context, RET and Eneco have been collaborating since 1 January 2020 to achieve energy-positive public transport by 2030.

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