Rotterdam Festivals coordinates the events policy for the city of Rotterdam and encourages cultural participation of Rotterdammers. It achieves a characteristic range of festivals and a widely varied audience for art and cultural events in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam has every right to call itself an events city with special festivals. The many initiatives of festival organisers and cultural institutions are a valuable foundation for Rotterdam’s events policy. Rotterdam Festivals supports the cultural sector by creating a welcoming climate and by proactively sharing knowledge about a large number of topics – in newsletters and expert meetings.

Rotterdam Festivals points planners in the right direction, offers assistance with practical matters such as location and permits, and puts various parties in Rotterdam in touch with each other. This is how Rotterdam Festivals, in close cooperation with festival organisers and cultural institutions, strives to make Rotterdam even more attractive.

Using the brand name Uitagenda Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals presents the full programme of events. Almost two thirds of the population of Rotterdam are reached in a number of ways, including the website, digital screens throughout the city of Rotterdam and thanks to a sound knowledge of the potential audience.

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