The Rotterdam Makers District is made up of M4H Rotterdam and RDM Rotterdam and is home to entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions working on innovations for the new, sustainable economy. It provides opportunities for start-ups, enabling them to grow into well-established businesses. New technologies may arise from new and sometimes spontaneous forms of cooperation, and these can be tested and applied here in the Makers District. The area fulfils a function as an incubator, testing ground and showcase for the circular economy for the entire region. This is based on collectivity; knowhow and materials are mutually shared within physical and digital networks. Read more about this in Vision and Strategy for the Rotterdam Makers District, or go to:


A community of makers

The added value of the Makers District is not only situated in the physical space, but in particular in a corporate climate that stimulates and strengthens collaboration and entrepreneurship. Cooperation with knowledge centres and educational institutions within the region is crucial. The objective is to create a community of successful and innovative entrepreneurs, integrated into the wider regional innovation eco system of businesses, knowledge institutions and funding sources.


M4H Rotterdam

M4H is the city port area of the future. A place for people to work, live and learn. In the years to come, this area will be turned into a dynamic city quarter to include housing, hotels, restaurants and cafés, and will feature events, education and culture. Entrepreneurs of all ages and knowledge institutions are working together in M4H on innovations for the new, sustainable economy. Here, space is available to work on and experiment with technical innovations for the future of the city and its port. If you are interested in more information about the development of the area, please go to

RDM Rotterdam

RDM Rotterdam is the pre-eminent site for innovation in the port. This is the place where educational institutions and businesses are working on developments that will contribute to the creation of ‘an intelligent port’. Students and pupils are educated within an inspiring and context-oriented learning environment where technical and practical skills are stimulated alongside theory.

RDM is a campus by virtue of the combination of education and corporate life, working together to transform ideas into prototypes (product innovation), with access to testing facilities and field labs. From students to scale-ups, technical talents benefit from the optimal scope for development, making RDM Rotterdam an essential innovation hub for innovative technical businesses. For more information go to

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