A new generation

Rotterdam New (R’damse Nieuwe) is a network organisation that believes Rotterdam will become more future-proof if the new generation can be involved in the city’s development. We work as connectors to build a bridge between the establishment and corporate life and the new generation of Rotterdam residents. Together we can create solutions for the city’s challenges by sharing our strengths, expertise and energy.


Rotterdam New operates thematically to tackle the city’s issues. Themes may originate in the city’s current needs, from its younger citizens or the establishment. The connectors at Rotterdam New are all experts in their own sphere, and they use their expertise to involve as many Rotterdam residents as possible in these themes. They do this by organising events, podcasts, content and dialogues in their own way: fresh, unbiased and committed – always tongue in cheek and with a touch of idiosyncrasy.

Follow Rotterdam New on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook and keep up to speed with all the developments. Listen and subscribe to the Rotterdam New podcast via Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Check out the website for more information. Rotterdam New is an initiative of Rotterdam Partners.

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