Worldwide there are only a few cities that have sports in their DNA. Rotterdam is one of those cities. It has an impressive track record of major international sports events, like the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, the WC Shorttrack, the WC Triathlon, the NN Marathon Rotterdam, the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tour nament and the CHIO Rotterdam. Every year, Rotterdam is the centre of attention when it comes to major international sports events.
Rotterdam Topsport focuses on acquiring and organising these major sports events. Additionally, Rotterdam Topsport supports elite sports clubs, initiates the development of elite sports accommodations and talent centres, and creates the best sports environment for athletes.
Well organised sports event in combination with good results increase the sense of proudness among the citizens of Rotterdam. These events increase the attractiveness of the city for tourists, companies and new citizens, which causes economic impulses. Rotterdam Topsport. Make It Happen.
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