From a studio in Rotterdam to the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. It’s every young fashion designer’s dream to get such recognition. For Mirjam Manusama from Rotterdam this dream will come true. Her collection Anima | Animus will be shown to the world in September 2021.

Miriam’s patience has been tested for some time. Originally her debut on the world stage would take place in September 2020. The travel restrictions during the corona crisis unfortunately interfered. Luckily, the visual artist isn’t one to sit still. Last year she started her own fashion label Manusama Nuance. She’ll use this platform to display her slow fashion.

Slow fashion is the counterpart of fast fashion. A 5 euro shirt is a burden on people and the environment. Mirjam wants to encourage responsible production and consumption through small-scale manufacturing with natural and sustainable materials. Communicating what you stand for, is what she is all about. Mirjam designs clothing that can be worn by both sexes and in any season.

Through her fashion Mirjam gives voice to a new movement in the industry. A voice that she shares with other small entrepreneurs in this growing sector for Rotterdam. This entrepreneurship translates into creativity and innovation with a Rotterdam mentality. Mirjam is the perfect example of where that can lead.

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