For weeks now, Erasmus MC has been receiving mountains of lovely cards and drawings for the healthcare staff. ‘We think it’s fantastic,’ says social media marketer Mark Robbers. ‘But there are so many that we can’t display them all. And that’s a pity because nowadays not everyone gets to see them either.’ That is why Erasmus MC is launching the platform. ‘Via the platform, everyone can send a card to all the people who are currently busy keeping the country running.’

Why do you get so many cards?

‘Many people want to support healthcare workers during this time. The Erasmus MC is in the picture a lot. The NOS News is at our door every day. Both the chairman of the National Network for Acute Care (LNAZ) and the chairman of the Dutch Intensive Care Association (NVIC) work at Erasmus MC: Ernst Kuipers as chairman of the board and Diederik Gommers as head of Intensive Care. And virologist Annemiek van der Eijk, who regularly appears in the Youth News programme, also works for us.’

How does work?

‘It’s a very user-friendly and safe platform. You can choose from eight different cards: seven with a heart and a text and a blank card if you want to use a picture of your own. Once you have chosen a card, you can enter a message. Then add your name and click on send. Your card will then appear on the platform with the other cards. This way, all the people for whom the cards are intended can see how much they are appreciated.’


Curious about Check out the platform #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR.  #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR showcases the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of Rotterdammers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Text by: Esther Wienese
Photo credits: Mark Robbers, Erasmus MC

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