Hogeschool Rotterdam

Our College is situated right in the centre of the city that is so close to our heart. We have in the region of 40,000 students, and with 4,000 staff working on their career and an offer of around 100 study programmes, we train professionals in virtually all educational domains.

Rotterdam as a laboratory

Being anchored in the city is absolutely key to our strategy, which is: of, for, in and by Rotterdam. Our education needs to be context-rich, as we call it, and we seek to connect with the real issues prevailing in Rotterdam, the city that is our laboratory.

We deploy this approach because we want to educate people for all kinds of professions, while at the same time delivering resilient professionals capable of handling an insecure future. After all, developments are taking place at such a tremendous pace that we don’t even know whether these professions will exist in the future. Nevertheless, we are able to discern areas of renewal now, and as such, to integrate fresh expertise into our education.

Practice-oriented research

We perform this kind of integration by conducting practice-based research into the concrete issues that currently prevail in the communities of Rotterdam. The ensuing expertise is then rechanneled into the curricula of our educational programmes. The connection between education and practice-oriented research is reflected, among other things, in our collaboration with one of our five knowledge centres and within the RDM Centre of Expertise and the Expertisecentrum Maatschappelijke Innovatie (EMI).

In this way, we seek to develop the thinking power of our students, encouraging them to be on the lookout for renewal. This is how, together with the city, we want to shape the future.

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