The Rotterdam-based business Tambr, which specialises in sonic branding, saw how many musicians and composers were confined to their homes due to the corona-virus measures. 'And they have something to offer, especially at the moment; music brings people together', says Niels de Jong of Tambr. Together with his colleague Willemijn van Hussen, he initiated the Soundtrack010 project; the DNA of Rotterdam distilled into a single composition by more than 30 Rotterdam artists.

A place in the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

The Rotterdam Branding Toolkit is a resource full of wonderful photographs and videos and available for use in positive promotion of the city. Upcoming Monday, Soundtrack010 and the associated musical fragments can also be downloaded from the Rotterdam Branding Toolkit, which makes Rotterdam the first metropolis in the world wholeheartedly committed to musical city marketing. The music can be used by anyone for the purpose of promoting the city; a good example would be the use of the soundtrack to accompany a city or music-related video.

30 Rotterdam-based musicians

Unfortunately, many freelance musicians are currently confined to their homes because of the corona-virus crisis. But there’s nothing quite like music for bringing people together, so Tambr launched the idea of issuing a special commission to dozens of Rotterdam musicians: compose a piece that translates the power of the city into music, a piece that can also play a significant role once the crisis is past. Says Willemijn: 'By entrusting them with this commission at this point in time, we are supporting the cultural sector and doing something positive, as well as providing the city with a useful sound identity'.

The sounds of the metropolis in a single track

Composer Alexander van Popta based his composition on sounds from the city, such as the Metro and pile-driving operations for foundations. The result is a lasting musical tribute to the city. If you would like to know more about the realisation of Soundtrack010, please read the article featured earlier on Check out the video clip by Exosphere that matches Soundtrack010:
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