Dear people, Rotterdam is unfinished. Perfectly imperfect. Rotterdam loves to explore and create new spaces, worlds, routes, roads, intersections and connections. They push us to new heights. We love to meet new people, with new dreams and new imaginations. We love to experience the unexperienced. What will Rotterdam be like tomorrow? We don’t know. That’s partly in your hands. You make it happen…

In Rotterdam we collaborate, innovate, share, inspire, confront each other with new ideas, growth doesn’t happen in a straight line.

If we can say anything for certain about our city, is that it is alive. As is our ‘Rotterdam. Make It Happen.’ brand alliance, the unique city marketing collaboration of a fast growing number of partners who aim to collectively put Rotterdam on the international map.

Want to get a taste, a glimpse, a ‘sneak preview’ of Rotterdam? Watch this new ‘Rotterdam. Make It Happen.’ brand movie. We’d love to welcome people in Rotterdam who contribute something to the development of our city.

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