Rotterdam is the city of frontrunners, a place where people are proactive and daring, and where everyone is involved. And when we really go for it, we go for it together.

Rotterdam has attracted migrants from all over the world since time immemorial. These people came to our city to make their dreams come true and build a future for themselves. It is precisely this pioneering spirit that has made Rotterdam the vibrant and diverse World Port City that it is today; a city in which there is a place for everyone.

Rotterdam embraces more than 170 nationalities, and we are tremendously proud of that! This diversity of people, aspirations and dreams has enriched Rotterdam’s culture enormously. The city is tough, lively, creative and developing all the time.

We celebrate Rotterdam and all its beautiful residents with dance, music and sports. Our city is inclusive; there is a place for everyone in Rotterdam!

© Bigguban x Rotterdam Make It Happen 2021

Special thanks to:

Brassbandschool Rotterdam

Scapino Ballet Rotterdam
Albeda dance academy
Summer Carnival dancers: Nathalie Vrede, Maya Traméh
Photographer summer carnival dancers: Marvin Silva
Drag queens: Megan Schoonbrood, Mama Queen, Selina Pearl, Sedergine
Free runners: Beau Ausems, Peer van der Aa
BMX’ers: Stuart Gibson, Bart van den Broek, Levi Weidman
Street soccer performers: Anass el Jackson, Sharif el Jackson, Anis Umarella

Blue City, Cruise Port Rotterdam, Blijdorp, Floating Farm

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