Situated on the banks of the river Meuse in the former Tropicana subtropical swimming paradise is BlueCity; an international icon of the circular economy, a national platform for innovative entrepreneurs and a regional clubhouse where the enterprising citizens of Rotterdam can get together to network, exchange experiences and expertise, and share ideas – all aimed at setting up a new and vigorous economy.

International transition through local entrepreneurial drive

The objective: to provide access to residual flows, expertise and talent for start-ups and scale-ups in order to convert ideas into action and to grow from intention to impact. By collaborating closely with big businesses, educational institutions and the Municipality of Rotterdam, for example, in living labs that explore the challenges of the circular economy, BlueCity empowers the international transition to the new economy by stimulating local entrepreneurial initiatives.

12,000 m2 of slides, bubble baths AND innovative motors

‘The current state of the circular economy mainly boils down to a host of reports. Our approach boils down to: just get started with this 12,000 m2 test case. Thus, we are leading the way’ – Sabine Biesheuvel, managing director of BlueCity

More than 30 entrepreneurs, including Better Future Factory and Superuse Studios, have already set up business in the production offices. The circular office wing has space for another 100+ entrepreneurs, all of whom could change the world from behind their desks. The BlueCity Lab is located where the changing rooms used to be; this is where materials are cultivated from the cellular stage and then processed into end products. Between them, the entrepreneurs and bioneers have built an ecosystem that shares residual flows, experience and expertise. Anyone’s output can be someone else’s input. In this way, circuits are closed, creating a tangible example of the circular economy as they go along

Former swimming pool as a clubhouse for the circular economy

At the same time, BlueCity provides an inspiring location for events and an independent platform for enterprising Rotterdam citizens to get together; inspiring and stimulating programmes about sustainability are launched every week, both online and offline. At BlueCity, you can see the emergence of the new economy with your own eyes. Not alone, but together. Acting, as well as dreaming. Rotterdam. Make It Happen.

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